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Chuatai crystal technology branch won the first prize of QC achievement in our city.

A few days ago, Chongqing outstanding QC results in the closing ceremony in the longevity, Chuanyi Crystal Technology Branch came to the Jiebao, participated in the "improve 4.57 valve seat grinding yield" QC results again won a good performance, won the Chongqing outstanding QC results first prize.
Branch adheres to the road of quality and benefit development, regards quality as the life of the enterprise, always adheres to the principle of quality first, quality first, and constantly improves product quality. Since 2000, QC group activities have been carried out in depth, and its results have been awarded Chongqing Excellent QC Achievement Award for many times. QC group has been awarded National Excellent Quality Management Group for many times. The branch has also been awarded Chongqing Quality Benefit Enterprise and Chongqing Excellent QC Group Activities Enterprise for many times.
In recent years, QC group activities have been carried out in full swing. In addition to generating gratifying economic benefits of more than one million yuan for the branch, more and more intangible benefits have become increasingly prominent. Employees'awareness of quality, energy conservation and consumption reduction, team spirit, independent thinking and problem solving ability have been greatly improved.

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