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Speaking to the Party on the Birthday of July 1

Welcoming the 71 Party's birthday speech to the party
SASAC and quadruple measurement and control jointly carry out the party's Thematic Party Day activities
Hu Jiquan, party secretary and director of the municipal SASAC, made an important speech.
On June 29, the Party branch and the Party branch of the Party and Communities Work Office of the Municipal SASASAC went into the Quadruple Measurement and Control Technology Company and jointly launched the theme party day of "Welcoming the words in the birthday heart of the July 1 Party to the Party" with the second party branch of the company. Hu Jiquan, secretary and director of the Party Committee of the Municipal SASASAC, joined more than 50 Party members from three Party branches and made important speeches.
Before the event, Xiang Xiaobo, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fourth Union Group, and Huang Zhihua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, accompanied Hu Jiquan and his delegation to visit the new factory area of the Fourth Union Measurement and Control Technology Company.
In order to welcome the party's birthday on July 1st, Hu Jiquan first led all the party members to review the oath of joining the party, and together with the members of the Quadruple Measurement and Control Company, he carried out the activity of "I take a picture with the party flag".
Yuan Chao and Zhao Xin, members of the SASAC, respectively, gave two lively and instructive lessons on the Party. "Let Party Building Work Become the"Red Engine"for the Reform and Development of State-owned Enterprises" is expounded from three aspects: the historical evolution of the Party's leadership of state-owned enterprises, the understanding of the great significance of adhering to the Party's leadership of state-owned enterprises, and the thinking of strengthening the Party building of state-owned enterprises in the new era. It further strengthens the "obedience to the Party and follow the Party's advice". Faith. "Tamping the Foundation to Promote the Organizational Ability of the Party Branch" gives a vivid and impressive explanation on how to strengthen the construction of the Party branch at the grass-roots level.
Next, the exchange forum on "Speaking to the Party in the Heart" was held. Party members such as Zhuang Yu, Gong Zheng, Longyang and Wu Wenlong from the Municipal SASASAC made brilliant speeches around the theme of "performing their duties and responsibilities with high quality and doing well in the work of running the literary and administrative meetings"; Gao Xiaohong, Ren Yu and Li Jianfeng from the Silian Measurement and Control Technology Company, etc. Party members, talk freely about "give full play to the fighting fortress role of Party branches and vanguard exemplary role of Party members, improve the combat effectiveness of grass-roots departments and teams".
On the spot of the activity, the members of the municipal SASASAC and the Party members of enterprises have also formed four pairs. They will further strengthen the mutual help and mutual learning between the municipal SASASAC and the Party branches of enterprises by strengthening exchanges and enhancing understanding.
Hu Jiquan fully affirmed the innovative forms and achievements of this event, and took this opportunity to speak to the Party from his own heart and share it with the members present. Hu Jiquan said that in the new era, every party organization at all levels should make contributions and make new achievements. What kind of work is it built? To the state-owned enterprise system, it is to promote the high-quality development of the state-owned enterprise; to the Party organizations at all levels and each Party member, it is necessary to do the following aspects: first, to develop good ideas for high-quality development, to use more brains and think more ways, to drive high-quality development with good ideas; second, to say more positive energy words, to infect others; To create a positive and healthy atmosphere; third, to do practical and fruitful things, and to take the achievements of entrepreneurship as the evaluation basis of the vanguard exemplary role of Party members; fourth, to manage oneself well, each Party member should take the lead in building a clean and honest Party style; fifth, to help others, establish a good moral sentiment and values. In the process of helping and contributing, we seek for a sense of achievement. Finally, Hu hoped that through the Party Day on the theme of the Party branch, we would constantly enhance our ideological awareness, Party spirit and political ability, concentrate our efforts and make unremitting efforts to make contributions to the full promotion of high-quality development of state-owned enterprises, high-intensity reform, high-starting-point innovation and high-level opening up, and to the strict management of the Party.

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